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Farmacy Food creates tasty meals around your dietary needs, incorporating ingredients known to have various benefits to support your health and well being.


To increase affordability as well as accessibility, we quick-chill our freshly prepared meals to be heated and eaten at your convenience.


Sure, we're selling food, but we're not in the food business. We just happen to sell deliciously healthy food as a vehicle to sustainably impact radical change around us.

Our bigger ambition is to support you on your journey to optimal health and well-being holistically. We feel a great-tasting wholesome meal is a strong way to begin our relationship.

Our larger vision is to connect and build up our community - through our shared goals and challenges - in a way that benefits us all and serves as constant evidence that together we can achieve anything and everything.

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Our Mission

To make health and wellness radically affordable and accessible.

We’re starting with providing you delicious healthy, locally sourced meals!


Equity Through Food

Central to our mission is making sure that our food is affordable for those that need it the most. We believe in equity and recognize that food access is a challenge for some populations. As a result we offer discounted pricing to low-income residents, college students, educators, senior citizens, and veterans. 

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