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We create delicious meals tailored to your unique dietary needs using locally-sourced ingredients known to benefit health and well-being.


To make Farmacy Foods accessible and affordable, we quick-chill our freshly prepared meals to be heated and eaten whenever works best for you. Our subscription meal service makes it even easier to eat healthy food by delivering it to your place of preference. 

We exist to provide our dynamic and vibrant communities the fuel they need to thrive. Our nourishing, healthy meals can strengthen and improve the well-being of you and your unique community — no matter where you are. America’s cities are central to the conversation around equitable food, and we’re here to make our voice (and yours) heard.

Embracing the Community—
We are Better Together 

More Than a Great Meal

A Holistic Health Journey

We evaluate your health and dietary needs to create a unique meal plan, tailored specifically to you. We use fresh, nutritionally-rich and locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious meals. 


We're Making Healthy, Delicious Food Radically Accessible and Affordable

Economic Empowerment

We partner with local farmers - and actively attempt to pay them in advance of a purchase to provide them the financial support they need to implement sustainable and/or regenerative farming best practices. This, in turn, benefits our local economy and environment. 


Environmental Sustainability

The typical American meal travels 1,500 miles on average to get from the farm to your table. Farmacy Food's meals consist of ingredients sourced from within a 150-mile radius grown by local farmers. 



We connect people to their roots through traditional recipes and locally-sourced ingredients, building up communities through food sustainability and a caring, empathetic network of experts to support your health journey.