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Being your healthiest is a goal we believe everyone has, but it’s difficult! The number of diets and exercise programs attempted show the desire, yet the majority of us are heading in the wrong direction.


The truth is, reaching your optimal health is a journey that can be complex and outright confusing! We recognize that challenge and want to help you become your best self.


Farmacy Food is your guide and partner, looking at health holistically, we strive to serve the whole you.


We start with providing you food to address your nutritional needs. As we learn more about your goals, we will work to connect you with our health partners who will further support you on your journey to true health.

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Our Mission

To make health and wellness radically affordable and accessible.

We’re starting with providing you delicious healthy, locally sourced meals!


Equity Through Food

Central to our mission is making sure that our food is affordable for those that need it the most. We believe in equity and recognize that food access is a challenge for some populations. As a result we offer discounted pricing to low-income residents, college students, educators, senior citizens, and veterans. 

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