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Our Mission

Our mission is to make health and wellness radically affordable and accessible.

We want to change people’s
perception of healthy eating.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not need to be difficult. At Farmacy Food, we create flavorful, nutritious meals to support your overall well-being and busy lifestyle. Our goal is to work with you to recognize that achieving your health goals can be done with convenience.

We strive to solve the crisis of the lack of affordable and healthy food available in our greater community. Price should not be an obstacle for those who are eager to achieve their health goals. We strongly believe in equity through food. Keeping equity at the forefront of everything we do, we offer discounted pricing to low-income residents, college students, educators, senior citizens, and veterans. We are passionate about using food as a vehicle to serve the underserved.

Meals with a mission.


We embrace our
Detroit Community
and beyond.

Detroit — the birthplace of Farmacy Food — is a city that thrives with energy. We yearn to provide dynamic and vibrant communities with the fuel they need to keep running. Our nourishing, healthy meals can strengthen and improve the well-being of your unique community. Cities are central to the conversation surrounding equitable food, and we’re
here to make our voice (and yours) heard.

We take pride in providing our customers with high
quality, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. Optimal
health starts with what you feed your body. Our
ingredients are hand-selected to energize you and take care of your body on a level you can feel. Choosing Farmacy Food not only benefits your body, but enhances your community by supporting farms near you through our locally-sourced ingredients.

Ingredients with a purpose.


You deserve food that
heals and nourishes.

Our Team

Meet the
Farmacy Food Team

A few years ago, I noticed how my busy lifestyle led to me neglecting to prioritize a healthy diet. I felt drained on a day-to-day basis and decided it was time to improve my health.


That decision did not come easy. I recognized that there was a lack of convenient, nutritious food options available, especially at a reasonable price. That is why I started Farmacy Food. We are here for you to embrace a holistic lifestyle, without giving up

time for the things you love.



Our main man in the kitchen is Chef Phil Jones. Since the 1980s, Phil has been transforming Detroit’s foodscape through his commitment to make healthy food more affordable and accessible. He has found that food has the power to closely connect and improve communities. At Farmacy Food, he makes sure each meal is ready-to-go to maximize health benefits while creating lively, vibrant flavors.


MSS headshot.jpg

Our Chief Financial Officer Michelle is a self-proclaimed foodie.  "The only thing I like doing more than crunching numbers is feeding family and friends!"


Michelle sees Farmacy Food as a great opportunity to be a part of a great triple bottom line concept: people, profit, and the planet.  Farmacy Food's goal to provide healthy, great-tasting food on-the-go really got her attention.  The start-up also has an aggressive goal around food rescue and feeding the hungry - sustaining people in the larger community and doing their part for the planet.  It doesn't get much better than this!


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